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About me ... 

I am passionate about print, paper, ink on paper, ephemera, vintage imagery, photography, bookbinding, letterpress, mixed-media art, found objects, typography, graphic design, printmaking, cats, and more!

I grew up outside of Boston, then attended NYU where I graduated with a BA in Art History and Classical Civilization at NYU. After working at a boutique greeting card company for almost 10 years, I realized I wanted to become an "artist” and received my an MA in Photography/Studio Art (also at NYU). A few years later, I took my first letterpress workshop and from there I began to explore printmaking, bookbinding and other mediums. 

I never lost my passion for greeting cards and have been creating my own designs in addition to making art since 2008. I recently opened an Etsy shop, 

In 2017, after thirty years of living in the metro New York City area and battling some health issues, I relocated to Carrboro, North Carolina. I am still culture shocked, curious and confused, It is a different and more more peaceful life that has allowed my creativity to blossom. 

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